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TCI Mobility: The Creative Innovation


TCI Mobility is a leading manufacturer of electric material and personnel transport vehicles for a variety of industries. We have been designing and manufacturing electric vehicle systems for over 20 years. Our environmentally-friendly vehicles come equipped with hi-tech, sealed maintenance free, deep-cycle industrial batteries. Boasting no water, no corrosion or fumes, our batteries easily slide in and out using our innovative charging stations. Our transaxle systems are equipped with specially designed, high efficiency motors and our electronic controls use the latest cutting edge technology for ease of use.

material handling turnkey systems, made in the USA

With our full line of custom trailers, we can quote entire material handling turn key systems and customize vehicles according to your specific application. Having expanded our EVS line to meet industrial, commercial and institutional needs we are constantly diversifying our abilities. We pride ourselves in working closely with you, our customers, in offering creative, cost effective and innovative solutions for your mobility logistics. With comprehensive and reliable after market support, you will find that we provide you with the cleanest, most powerful and longest lasting vehicles to meet your material or personnel transport needs.


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